I dedicate this upcoming album to all my friends and family.  Without them, i wouldn't have the blessings im so fortunate to have.  I know that i have been distant lately, but it is because i have been working really hard on making this album.  I hope that the time ive spent and hours ive been away from family and friends will someday show the hard work ive put in.  I tried to cut out the tracks that arent worthy, while trying to pick tracks that are meaningful.  Every song/track on this album has its own meaning and purpose to it.  From beginning to end, this album tells where im at in my life and how im feeling.  So with that said, my new upcoming album will be titled "Sleepless Nights."  You can pre order the album on Itunes in mid January.  The album will be released on February 3rd, 2017.

This album is the product of all the sleepless nights i had working on it.

Track Menu:

1. Dont Forget Em (Opening)

2. Fight The Fire

3. I Want You

4. Light It Up

5. By Your Side

6. For The Better

7. Sleepless Nights (Ending)