DJ Megzz Bio - Music Producer/DJ

DJ Megzz  Phone Interview/Bio:

By: Music Promoting publishing publisher for upcoming artists

Born in Long Island, New York, DJ Megzz now resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Not many people know but DJ Megzz is actually an identical twin.  Megzz refers to his twin brother as his manager and the first person who gets to listen to the new music he makes.  "I look to him for his opinion because i hold his opinion in high regards." Megzz explains.  When asked how long it takes to make a new track, Megzz replies "Ill Keep going for as long as it takes, ive gone 14 hours straight before."  As i paused in shock on the phone he continued, "I was trying to fit this crazy beat with some amazing vocals i had in my files, lets just say i learned very quickly on what NOT to do to mix vocals with an outrageous beat lol." As i listened to him on the phone i couldnt help asking myself, Why would a 24yr old just randomly buy DJ equipment and proceed to try to learn it as well as keeping hopes that he would someday get the attention from his music that would promote him to a spotlight that is so hard to achieve nowadays in our music industry.  With all the Social Media and aspiring artists out in the world its no wonder why alot of these artists die out....because to get noticed or to get attention is hard to come by.  But for Megzz, Social media has been a gift.  His very First Single titled "Is Their Love" reached over 30,000 plays within the first week of its release.  If thats not impressive enough, he also has gained a big following on his twitter page in a matter of weeks.  ALL of this without having one track on Itunes or other big major publishers.  Megzz emphasized that has changed though, "I have my new single "Fight The Fire" on google play right now and am waiting on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc to publish the single."  Realizing that Megzz hasnt even been signed to a major label yet, i asked if being on the more major platforms would change the music.  Quickly he urged "Oh No" "I will always make music that i like listening to, and i think alot of people will like to listen to this music as well, Im confident in my taste in music and wont change that for anything."  Getting over the time limit i had for this intereview i thanked DJ Megzz for the phone interview and exchanged personal info.  One thing i can take away from my converstion with him is that he does really enjoy making music and anybody that can go 14 hours straight like that should get alot of appreciation.  I also couldnt help but notice his outgoing and calm personality, he believes in his music and listening to his tracks i gotta say his hype is worth the hype.  He focuses on vocals alot and really trys to give his songs that pop feel to it.  I look forward to talking with DJ Megzz again and hope this Interview im posting will help his followers gain a little more information on this silent DJ making huge Social Media attention, and creating some powerful sounds!